1. Teamwork makes the dream work – Snow White

The first lesson we learn in the world of business is that you rarely take on a project alone. Building your own network of dwarves to accomplish a goal boosts your individual collaboration skills and could possibly build unexpected friendships.

  1. Sleep is crucial – Sleeping Beauty

Getting your work is what you’re paid to do, but you can’t perform up to par without the recommended seven (or so) hours of sleep at night! Continuous lack of sleep is proven to throw off cognitive focus, so be sure to find time to sign out of your email and hit the hay.

  1. Innovation is key – Ariel

The little mermaid wasn’t sure what a fork was, let alone its purpose. Instead, she used it as a hair brush. Within the world of business traditional ideas are constantly being reinvented with intentions to grab the consumer’s eye. Look for the silly suggestions that make people react and choose the path of most resistance – it might lead to a successful dinglehopper.

  1. Staying informed through good read – Belle

It was rare in Belle’s time that a female made an attempt to read, let alone memorizing the entire bookstore. Making a point to lose yourself in a good book or newspaper article now and then enhances your vocabulary, keeps your mind sharp, and brings you up to date with current events. Just make sure it’s from a reliable source.

  1. Don’t turn back – Mulan

This Chinese princess risked her life in active battle, but most importantly, she persevered even when playing with the boys got rough. Mulan taught us that sometimes making a risky decision could benefit us in the long run.