As a college level intern, you are a foreigner discovering new territory.  As each day passes you seem to learn little quirks about the corporate culture that now go unnoticed by team members who have walked these halls a thousand times before. Here are some things I learned in three and a half months:

  1. Newbies are required to sing.

Once a month, the company gathers around a basket of bagels and receives company updates from president, Robert Lieberman. My very first task as the spring intern was to lead everyone in singing “happy birthday” to those who were born in the month of January. Apparently, it’s the official initiation process, but it’s not disclosed in the online job description.

  1. Barney to the Rescue

Barney serves as the official protector of Vice President, Diane Dellefave. Every once in a while you’ll Barneyhear all three pounds of him ward off her assistant and fellow intern, Jesse, with a few chomps to the ankle. Eventually I learned that Barney’s got a Facebook page with over 27,000 followers; a growing fame we all dream of grasping.

  1. “Good Morning!”

I always know when Rob arrives, because he starts his day with a series of “Good Morning!” greetings as he walks down the long hallway. Everyone responds sequentially and from then on the day has officially begun.

  1. Bombs Away!

As a caffeine obsessed college student, one of my favorite parts of the office is the single cup coffee brewer.  If you work there long enough you might catch it on a bad day and it’ll actually spit coffee through the sides of the spout. RIP to my favorite pants.

  1. The 2-for-1 Soda Secret

I’ll probably get scolded for letting out this golden company secret. If you pay for one Diet Coke at the vending machine in the kitchen, two cans will come rolling out. I’ll be long gone by the time this is posted, so blame Frank for spilling the beans to the outsider.

  1. It doesn’t take long to feel welcome at All-Ways.

At the first staff meeting I sat back and watched as everyone greeted one another like cousins on Christmas Day, spitting one-liners at one another and chuckling. No doubt the environment was inviting; I fit into the puzzle smoothly. I will carry that All-Ways warmth with my throughout my professional career.

Created By: Nina Russo