The Man Behind The Company

The Man Behind The Company

After interviewing president, Robert Lieberman, I learned of his passion for both his business and overall career path he paved for himself.  Mr. Lieberman shared personal stories of growing up in the industry from the age of 13 and learning the trick of the trade from his grandfather. After working within the family business until he was 22, he went off to law school but his true interest was in business.


With the conclusion of law school, Mr. Lieberman embarked on a new journey developed from his roots, marketing products anywhere from the debut of “Pampers” diapers to Colgate Toothpaste. At that point, “All-Ways Advertising” was born. He decided to name his up-and-coming company “All-Ways” because it represented his belief that there will “always be a way to promote a product, in all ways.”


The core element that Rob has built his business on, and continues to build on is the power of relationships. Building allies with trust and confidence, so that positive connections could be made. Reputation and ability to be a “person of your word”, could give a person or employer a positive memory that could help you in the long run. “They could come back into your life when you least expect it,” Mr. Lieberman says. “I’ve had people’s children work for me after they left here even after so many years. Your reputation stays with you as you build these important relationships. It’s not different now than when I started in the business 50 some odd years ago.”

Created By: Nina Russo