The Office was a game changer when it came to comedy and culture. One of the highlights of the show was not only its hilarity, but any business person would appreciate the lessons that were taught throughout the episodes. Intertwined with the jokes and punchlines were important business skills every professional should know:


1.       Learn the office language. A big chunk of the vocabulary usually pertains to the industry you’re working in. Sitting back and observing the unwritten “do’s and don’ts” might help you communicate with fellow coworkers.


2.       Don’t take credit for someone else’s idea or work. It’s pretty funny when Michael Scott does it but not in the real world. Give credit where credit is due.  Carrell
3.       Pam reminds us that some ideas aren’t always the best ideas, but you have to run with them. A true team player will endure the strangest ideas for the sake of teamwork.  Pam
4.       Take time out to eat. We’ve grown accustomed to simultaneously shoveling our lunch down at our desk while keeping our eyes on the monitor. Lunch “breaks” only work if you walk away and recollect.


 Pam 2
5.       Always have confidence. One of the professional goals of any industry is to consistently be on your A-game, even when we don’t feel like we are.


6.       Everyone in the company has value.  PamMan