Promotional products purpose doesn’t always have to be used to showcase your company; it can also be useful to the people who receive them! Promotional products can be used anywhere, by anyone, for any occasion. One occasion is camping! Through the trees and up the mountains, your promotional product can be there along with hikers and campers.

Here are a few promotional products that can be used while camping:

Outback Double Wall Stainless Growler

Keep yourself hydrated and cool with this high quality product!

Double Wall Stainless Growler


ThermoCafe by Thermos

Wake yourself up in the morning with some coffee, or keep warm at night with some hot tea!



Waterproof Bag

This relevant product will keep your belongings dry when adventuring!


Mega Fly Swatter

Use this to swat away any unwanted bugs and critters with this personalized fly swatter!


Foldable Chair

This customized chair will come in handy when you don’t want to sit on the ground anymore!



Travel Camping Hammock

This is the perfect promotional product when you’re surrounded by trees. Relax anywhere!



Zippo Binoculars

Enjoy your surroundings up close and personal using these high quality binoculars!


Rainproof Accordion Light

Easy for storage, can withhold rainy weather, and helps you see in the night, what else could you ask for!?

RainproofLightWheeled Cooler

Bring along food and drinks in this cooler without having to carry it!


2 in 1 Cooler/ BBQ Grill Combo

It doesn’t get much better than this! A cooler and a BBQ grill together as one!

2 in 1 bbq cooler